About This Blog

About This Blog

Note: This is about this blog, about who I am is better found probably here or in the life tag

I created this blog over two years ago (see: meta tag) because I wanted to force myself to be more confident in my writing about technical things, but also a place to share my thoughts in a completely customizable way. And also to practice not being a self-conscious perfectionist and constantly prevent myself from doing things.

At the same time, I used it as a fun excuse to fiddle around with Ghost, which at the time was at 0.11 and while it was already awesome, it was much different from Ghost today. (Aside: I love Ghost, it's fantastic and I highly recommend their platform). So I decided to fork it and its default theme, Casper. I added some customization and then proceeded to never update it ever again for the next two years, until around now when I have the time again to do so.

That said, everything I work on in my personal time (including this blog) is usually an in-flight experiment. So if I had a project started that I started and then stopped working on and you're interested in taking over, or implementing an idea I sorta had or collaborating, let me know!

I'm also a huge nerd about metrics and design but I don't have the time to fully dive into these two areas (i.e. I'm not good at them). If you're wondering about Google Analytics or half-implemented styles, that's probably why. Also let me know if you find other bugs!

In the meantime, I made a public Trello board here (yes just now literally) to track what the heck I'm doing or what I want done. Not sure why this would be useful to you, reader, or anyone. But hey, why not. I had a really packed 2018 in which I had no time for my own projects, so it's nice to be able to do this now even for a bit. :)

At the end of the day, I like having a ready answer to "Hey bianca why is this broken what the heck are you doing in there" questions.