Dev Adventures: a Trello board ✨

I've always been a really curious person. I remember getting feedback in kindergarten about how I was "inquisitive", and I remember bugging my Mom about what that word meant. She was hesitant to tell me because I was kind of a sensitive kid and she thought I would take it as a criticism.

Fast forward to now, I'm still the same way. A lot of the things I struggle with has to do with my ADHD which I only found out about in college, an adventure in itself. I wasn't a very good student, even though I love learning. Thankfully, I'm in tech now and the tech industry is relatively forgiving to my work style.

Anyway, I have such a hard time organizing side projects. The problem is I love learning things deeply and not on a shallow or broad level. I want my knowledge to be wide and deep, which isn't easy given the amount of topics that exist in tech. Sometimes I legitimately get kind of sad knowing that I'll never learn everything about everything. But also I love that there's always something more to learn. I feel the same kind of wonder and fascination about CS, about Biology, about Physics, about Math, even as a layperson. ✨

Anyway, this post is more about organization! I decided to start a public Trello Board on what I'm doing and learning right now related to software. I made it public because the idea and possibility that someone can see what I'm doing is enough to give me a tiny nudge towards better organization, even for a little bit. It does get pretty frustrating. I could write a lot about that, but that's another time.

Something about my ADHD is that the visibility and deadlines are actually what makes me work well at a job, versus working or playing with stuff on my own. On my own exploring and learning is basically like being a kid in a candy store. Are you the same way? Let me know!

Anyway okay here it is!

Dev Adventures ✨

Just wanted to share a little bit about me. :)

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