Mini-blog: How to run currently opened bash script in Sublime Text 3

Post skimmers: I bold information that should be enough if you're familiar with Sublime Text.

I wanted to write a really quick script in Sublime Text 3 that I could debug and run without having to switch windows. I was a bit surprised that there isn't a zero-config, quick-install package. However, the config needed is very minimal.

Open the Command Palette (⌘⇧P) and choose "Build: New Build System",

In the file that then pops up, replace the contents with 1:

    "cmd"       : ["bash", "$file"],
    "selector"  : "source.shell"

Save it as bash.sublime-build in the suggested directory, which should be anywhere in Sublime's Packages directory.

Now if you open up a shell script, you can execute it through Sublime Text and have the output pop up in Sublime Text's console by running "Build With: bash" in the Command Palette.

Note: Sublime Text could have a different $PATH loaded, in which case you may have to pass in a path key into the config, e.g.:

    "cmd"       : ["bash", "$file"],
    "selector"  : "source.shell",
    "path"      : "/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin"


1 Credit for these snippets go to this gist thread

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